Cancer Staging Manual

The AJCC has created a set of desk reference resource materials designed to provide in-depth, easy-to-access information for doctors and other medical professionals staging cancer patients, and for cancer registrars abstracting cancer cases.

8th Edition Updates and Corrections

When the AJCC embarked on updating the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, we knew that we would have to think beyond the book, with an eye toward continuously improving content throughout the life of the edition. 

The delay of implementation to January 1, 2018 has given AJCC an opportunity to work with the surveillance community, the pathology community, and clinical decision support software developers in ways we never have before. In the era of electronic decision making, the level of scrutiny is higher; we are learning more about how the content is applied in different use cases beyond the human reader. Collaborating with these groups in real time has allowed us to take an extra critical look at our content and make improvements and clarifications that will help all audiences. 

This highly analytical effort has resulted in a greater number of updates and errata than in past editions, and we are committed to communicating them transparently. 

This site contains important updates and errata identified in the first printing of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 8th Edition, and are effective for hard copy manuals purchased from September 2016 to February 2018.  This list does not include typographical errors. If you have identified any issues not listed here, please email​​.​

To make this list more useful, we have divided the updates and errata into four levels of significance:

  1. Critical Changes. Change is critical for accurate staging. Includes changes to TNM categories, criteria, or prognostic stage groups.
  2. ​Histology/Topography. Corrections and additions made to histology or topography codes.
  3. Clarification. Clarification of concepts in text or definitions that does not affect staging.
  4. Omi​ssion. Error of omission that does not affect staging.

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