AJCC Curriculum for Registrars


 Module One


Important: Please follow these steps for Module 1 

  1. Please take pre-education quiz through survey monkey PRIOR to starting the lessons.
  2. Review Module I Introduction and Lessons 1 through 6.
  3. Quiz and Webinar:
    a. Please take the webinar quiz through survey monkey prior to watching the webinar.
    b. Register for Lesson 7 recorded webinar when ready to immediately view.
  4. Please take the post-education quiz approximately 4 weeks after watching the webinar.

    NOTE:  May print web page showing “view this recording” prior to clicking view button for documentation of participation. 
    How to Print There is no CE credit available for this webinar.  


Pre and Post Education Quiz
Please complete the pre-education quiz contained in the registration form in order to measure the effectiveness of this curriculum.  There will be a live quiz during the webinar which will be answered through your keyboard.  A post-education quiz will be emailed a few weeks after the webinar. 


All quiz results will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate or as de-identified data. 

The introduction will provide an overview of staging.  This will be the background materials to explain why staging is performed and how it is used.  It will provide a broad discussion of the elements of staging including the classification, the T, N, and M categories, and the stage groups.  There will be a brief discussion of the differences in terminology between a manual for physicians and patient care, and the manuals written for cancer registrars and the surveillance community.
Understand the development of staging as a common language for cancer.  The reasons for assigning stage and the role in patient care and research is described.  Understand the many uses of stage, including patient care, guidelines, and research.
Why there are different classifications instead of just one stage, and how they are used.
How the cancer is described using each of the T, N, and M categories.
Why stage groups are used and what is the meaning of the groups.
Registrars attribute specific meaning to words from their ambiguous terminology lists which do not apply to the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual.  Registrars are also used to parsing words in registry manuals in a manner not used by physicians or in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual.
Lesson 6. Link to AJCC Staging Curriculum “What is Cancer Staging”
PowerPoint presentation designated for cancer patients and the public.  This will reinforce the information taught in this module.
Lesson 7. Webinar with Quiz
Recap of the lessons highlighting basic concepts from this introduction to AJCC staging.  Quiz will reinforce these basic concepts. Handout can be downloaded from the Lesson 7 link.