Anatomy Revealed in AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas, 2nd Edition

AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas, 2nd Editionstaging-atlas.png
A Companion to the Seventh Editions of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual and Handbook
Edited by: Carolyn C. Compton, David R. Byrd, Julio Garcia-Aguilar, Scott Kurtzman, Alexander Olawaiye, and Mary Kay Washington
Significantly expanded and expertly illustrated, the AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas, 2nd Edition, offers more than 600 illustrations created exclusively for this new edition, and is fully updated to reflect the concepts discussed in the 7th editions of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual and Handbook.
The Atlas illustrates the TNM classifications of cancer sites and types included in the 7th edition of the manual and visually conceptualizes the TNM classifications and stage groupings for the most frequently diagnosed sites. Every illustration provides detailed anatomical depictions to clarify critical structures and to allow the reader to instantly visualize the progressive extent of malignant disease. In addition, nodal maps are included for each site, appropriate labeling has been incorporated to identify significant anatomical structures, and each illustration is accompanied by an explanatory legend.  This resource is highly recommended for cancer registrars. 
  • Combines the AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas with a CD containing all images
  • Users can import figures into presentations for cancer conferences, grand rounds, presentations, and journal articles and book chapters
  • Based on the 7th edition staging system

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