New Registrar Education on AJCC Staging

AJCC has developed cancer staging education for cancer registrars and the surveillance community through the support of the CDC.  This education will assist registrars with the transition to directly assigning AJCC TNM stage.

The presentations are on the AJCC website.

We are taking a new approach to these presentations.  We have included comprehensive information on the slides so they can be used for self-study.  This style eliminates the need for speaker notes to be read in order to understand the content and meaning of the slide.  They can also be used as a lecture to a larger group and handouts are available to download.

These presentations are PDF files that will open in Adobe Reader, readily available free software.  Using this format eliminates any problems with viewing the presentation in its intended format due to different versions or precluding someone not owning the commercial software.  Ctrl L or View-Full Screen Mode will enable the best viewing and slides can be advanced using the arrow keys, pg up or down, or a presentation remote control.  Handouts can also be downloaded.

Presentations Available

Registrar’s Guide to Chapter 1, AJCC Seventh Edition


Guide to understanding the rules in AJCC including general rules for T, N, and M, clinical and pathologic stage classification, rules for stage grouping, additional guidelines, and staging form.

Learning Objectives

       Describe intent and purpose of AJCC staging

       Utilize general rules for AJCC staging

       Employ stage classification and T, N, M category principles

       Demonstrate stage grouping principles

       Recognize additional guidelines available

       Evaluate best use of cancer staging data form

       Relate options for stage documentation in medical record

       Identify resources for AJCC staging

Explaining Blanks and X, Ambiguous Terminology and Support for AJCC Staging


Explanations and guidance to the registrar on key topics including: Blank vs. X in registry data fields, ambiguous terminology, stage classification to use based on treatment provided, and guidelines from other sources.

Learning Objectives

       Recognize difference in definitions of blank and X

       Demonstrate correct usage of blank and X

       Employ critical thinking to terminology used

       Analyze physician terminology intent by multiple methods

       Determine stage classifications to apply by treatment choice

       Utilize appropriate guidelines

       Identify resources for AJCC staging 

Questions may be submitted to the CAnswer Forum.  New subforums have been added to the AJCC forum explicitly for these presentations.

The intent is to provide accurate detailed information to guide the registrars in learning or refreshing their knowledge of AJCC TNM staging.  AJCC as the authoritative source for our staging system is seeking to meet the needs of cancer registrars and the surveillance community in the use of AJCC TNM staging.

Visit the AJCC Registrar Education page to view these educational resources and learn about what is coming next.