Introducing the AJCC 8th Edition Editorial Board and Expert Panel Leaders

The AJCC is pleased to introduce the thought leaders of the AJCC Cancer Staging System, 8th Edition.

Led by Mahul B. Amin, MD, FCAP, the 15 member Editorial Board features representatives from each cancer specialty, and leaders of internal development “cores” – a new concept introduced by Dr. Amin.  These cores are tasked with harmonizing specific areas of staging system development, including:

  • Precision Medicine Core – focused on integrating non-anatomic prognostic factors into the staging system
  • Evidence Based Medicine and Statistics Core – focused on developing levels of evidence for changes and updates to the staging system
  • Content Harmonization Core – focused on harmonizing terms and concepts used in the staging system
  • Data Collection Core – focused on collaboration with the surveillance community to assure medical record access to and quality of 8th edition data elements
  • Professional Organization and Corporate Relationship Core – manages grants and contributions for development of the AJCC Cancer Staging System
  • Administrative Core – oversees the development process of the staging system

The 8th Edition will be authored by a team of 18 Expert Panels, each steered by a Chair and Vice Chair selected by the Editorial Board.  The composition of each expert panel strives to collaboratively harness the collective intelligence of the thought leaders for each disease site.  The membership represents diversity of thought and specialty; each panel's Chair and Vice Chair come from different organizations and represent different specialties.   

The full roster of Editorial Board members and Expert Panel leaders can be found here.

Formation of the full expert panels is underway and is expected to be completed by year-end.  

The 8th edition will be effective for all cancer cases recorded on or after January 1, 2017.  Visit our website for all 8th Edition Updates.  We look forward to a collaborative development process!

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