AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth Edition Kindle Version Available Now

The AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth Edition is the first edition to have the electronic book (eBook) version. It is available for purchase now on Amazon and is the most current version of the manual (September 2018).

Since 1977, the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) has published eight editions of cancer staging manuals using contemporary evidenced-based literature to build a common language of cancer for the care of cancer patients by clinicians and for the cancer surveillance community. The print version of the 8th Edition was first published in October 2016. The Eighth Edition went into effect for all cancer cases diagnosed on or after January 1, 2018. The Eighth Edition presents evidence-based revisions for the staging of cancer for a number of organ sites,. The chapters include the rationale and rules for staging; the definitions of tumor, lymph node involvement, and metastasis; stage groupings; and histologic grade.

There have been updates since the first printing of the 8th edition, all of which are incorporated in this eBook version available through Amazon’s Kindle . The Kindle version can be used across any device (PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android) with the free Kindle App. The electronic version allows for highlighting, adding notes, bookmarks and creating flashcards.

All questions related to the eighth edition can be sent to ajcc@facs.org.

AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth Edition Kindle PC Demo​     

kindle demo.jpgIn this demonstration​, you will be walked through the Kindle For PC app. The Kindle for PC app can be used on any computer running Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10 in Desktop Mode. 

In this eight minute video, you'll be guided through the basic functionality provided with the Kindle which includes: 

-Highlighting and adding notes 
-Search capability
-Adding bookmarks 
-Creating flashcards 
-Exporting capability ​


AJCC Cancer Staging Manual – E-book FAQ’s

Can I read my eBook on more than one device?

Yes.  You can use Amazon Kindle App to read on iPhone and Android, and Kindle Desktop Reader as well.

Does this Kindle version contain all the updates?

Yes. This is the most current version of the 8th Edition Cancer Staging Manual that includes all the corrections to errata identified through September 2018.

If content changes, will it automatically update on in my Kindle?

No. Changes will not be automatically pushed to those who purchased an original version. Only major errors will be corrected.

What is the process for making major corrections available to the Kindle customers?

Customers who bought the eBook before changes keep the original version. If the AJCC corrects serious errors in the eBook and wants Amazon to notify customers of updates, the AJCC must meet Amazon’s criteria for notification of changes. Those criteria can be found here. Sending customers updated content may erase notes or highlights they entered, so the improvements must outweigh the disadvantages.

If I have trouble with my purchase, download, Kindle App, or any other technical issue, who do I contact?

Customers should contact Amazon directly here.

If some of the pages of the eBook do not download in a legible format, what do I do?

Please contact Amazon for all product issues here. The AJCC will not be able to address technical issues, only Amazon will.  The AJCC will address content issues and can be reached at ajcc@facs.org

Will the eBook come in an audible format?

No. That capability is not available at this time.

Can I do keyword searches from my eBook?

Yes, there is full search functionality built into the Kindle platform.

Can I print from my eBook?

No. The Kindle is intended to be used as a digital product.

Can I highlight articles and save pages on my eBook?

Yes. You can highlight, save notes and even create flash cards in your Kindle.

Can I read an eBook on my computer?

Yes. You can use the Kindle Software to read on any PC or MAC

If my device is lost, stolen, or damaged can I still access my original eBook purchase?

Yes. Your ownership of the Kindle book is connected to your Amazon account.​

eBook Licensing

​​​The AJCC licenses the 8th Edition Staging Manual to several digital publishers who work with academic institutions to provide site licensees to the content.  We encourage you to check with your librarian if the AJCC title is available through one of these providers. There is no licensing for the ebook.The Kindle version is for individual use only.