8th Edition Expert Panel Orientation

On Thursday, April 3rd, the Editorial Board, Expert Panel Chairs and Vice Chairs for the AJCC Cancer Staging System met in Chicago to discuss plans for the 8th Edition. Editor-in-Chief Mahul B. Amin, MD, FCAP presented his vision for the project to the group, which focuses on integration of molecular biomarkers for more accurate disease stratification and inclusion of all cancer specialties in the authoring process.

Chief among the orientation presentations was the Cancer Staging Content Transformation Project (CSCoT) - a content harmonization initiative by the AJCC to further enhance usability of the staging system by providing clearer staging rules and references for the 8th Edition and all future editions. The afternoon session focused on the Editorial Board Cores that will provide support for content harmonization, levels of evidence, integration of precision medicine, and data collection. The group capped off the day with a breakout session focusing on how AJCC can integrate personalized medicine into the TNM staging system.

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